Saturday, July 11, 2009

We have been busy trying to get back to our normal schedule since we have been back- although in between vacation and now we had some more time off for the 4th, which we spent with Grams and Gramps and Mimi and Papa. I have a few pictures from our fun and will try to post them soon.

Todd spent most of the day today running errands so Riley, Annie and I did some grocery shopping and then played around the house. They are really playing well lately, which is so nice (and good for me, too, since they can entertain themselves for a while and give me a little break!), although, inevitably, Annie gets a little too excited and starts to bite or hit or scratch, and then Riley cries and gets bad and refuses to play with her anymore! Oh, well...I supposed we are in for many many more years of that to come!

Annie continues to have some major tantrums. This evening in the bathtub I tried to take away her washcloth because she was sucking on it and it was full of soap and I was afraid it would make her ill. She had a FIT- screaming, face turned red, the whole nine was not pretty. Two seconds later she was fine, but WOW! She really is a handful- she never stops moving, she is constantly into something....tonight when Todd brought them upstairs before bathtime and he said she pulled all of my papers off the bureau, started tearing he cleaned that up, she moved to the laptop and almost pulled it on top of her...he picked her up, she scratched him. He put her down- she screamed...he got down on the floor with her...she crawled over him and knee-ed him in the crotch....about this time, he handed her off to me- I stripped her down and started to get their bath ready- she tried to climb in and had a fit when I didn't let her- then she peed all over me.....please don't laugh!!!! That is how our life has been say that we are exhausted at the end of the day is an understatment! But she is beautiful and full of life and so smart and when she smiles at you- you forget it all....

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Karen said...

Love the Annie stories. We had many days like that, but I can imagine it's compounded by an annoyed big sister. :) Don't worry -- Riley's an angel and I'm sure Annie will be a sweetheart too.