Thursday, July 16, 2009

11 Months

Annie turned 11 months old yesterday. In one short one, she will be a year old...someone please explain to me how that happened!

Yesterday was a crazy busy day for me at work- I had meetings all day long, and then Todd picked up the girls and brought them to work because one of the student groups was having a cookout. We had a great time, and both girls played with the other kids and had fun!

So, here is an Annie update:
  • Still no walking, although she pulls-up like a pro and can cruise ok around a table. She doesn't seem all that interested- right now she would just prefer to crawl, I think. So, maybe my prediction of her walking before her first birthday will not be right.
  • She still loves food and eats pretty much anything I put in front of her. She loves bananas and all fruit, really, and bread! She has a very healthy appetite!
  • Sleeping is going well...she sleeps through the night every night now, and has even had a few days when she has slept late (late is this I mean 7am!! LOL!)
  • She is doing really well at school- now she is actually one of the oldest in her room! When she turns 1 she can start eating "real" food, but not until then. Most days she comes home starving!
  • She loves chasing the dog and cat, playing with her sister (and pulling her hair!) and splashing in the bathtub!
  • Party plans are underway- it will be August 2 and we are all very excited!

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