Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We had SNOW!!!!!!!!!

Oh, yes...and a good bit of it, too. I think we ended up with about 4-5 inches, which is quite a lot fo this part of the world. And Riley had a ton of fun in it. It started snowing around dinnertime on Sunday night, and by the time she went to bed that night I was pretty sure that we would not be having school the next day. And I was right!

So, we both bundled up about 10am and headed outside while Daddy stayed in with Annie. We made snowman and a snow angel, we threw some snowballs at the dog until she got mad and went back inside! She played on her swingset and went flying down the slide.

And then we had lunch and Riley had a little quiet time...and then she went back outside with Daddy! And they built another snowman.

Today we had a 3 hour delay- and she was hoping to play outside some more at school....
Thank goodness for the snowpants from Grams and the boots from Grandma and Grandpa Buckley....who knew we would actually get some use out of them in MARCH!!! Wild!

Enjoy the pics!!

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