Sunday, March 15, 2009

Make sure you look below the pics for a new video of Princesses Annie and Riley!

Annie is feeling MUCH better...still a little cough and snot, but definately on the mend. We went to Mimi and Papa's today to celebrate Mimi's 85th bithday! Wow! We all had a fun time, but are now tired and ready to crash...and Todd and I are ready for the girls to go back to school tomorrow :)

This one if for Nannie- Riley making yummy chocolate chip bread:
Enjoying the nice weather- it is gone now :(
We went to Jamboread last weekend- this is Annie and Riley with Lyle the Crocodile:

Riley had her face painted:

I gave Annie a biter biscuit (baby cookie) in her feeder- she LOVED it- and made a HUGE mess:

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Karen said...

Chocolate chip bread... do share recipe please!