Friday, March 13, 2009

More germies....

It's been another rough week here at Casa Hildebrand....Annie has a pretty bad cold. She started coughing a lot over the weekend, and by Monday was really not feeling well. So, I dropped Riley off at school and Annie and I spent the day together. I made her an appt with her pediatrician b/c all of the babies in her classroom had either RSV or the flu, so I thought we might be able to catch it quick if she really had one of them. Fortunately, it was neither- just a bad cold.

Thought she was feeling better on Tuesday, so she went to school, but when I picked her up, they told me she was pretty miserable all day and was running a slight fever, so Todd stayed home with her on Wednesday.

However, the timing of all of this has been off because the girls' school was closed 1/2 day yesterday and all day today, and both of us had already taken quite a bit of time off all week, so we recruited Grams and Gramps to help watch them Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon.... it has just been really busy arranging schedules and shuffling them around. Today they came to work with me for lunch, which was actually nice, and they were both very well behaved :)

Hopefully Annie is now on the mend...she seems to be better, except now she is back in a pretty bad sleep pattern and we are struggling again with her waking up a lot...but maybe that will fix itself once she can breathe a little better and feel better overall.

So, that has been pretty consuming, and it leaves little time for anything else! Todd and I did go to a concert on Saturday night- Billy Joel and Elton John- with tickets he got me for Christmas. It was FABULOUS and so very nice to get away for a night.

So, if you have made it through all of my complaining this far- I have some treats for you!!


Annie blowing raspberries

Riley reading her "nutrition facts"

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Karen said...

Love the nutrition facts. Was that Ranch dressing? That's a lot of calories!