Wednesday, February 4, 2009


UPDATE: I wrote this last night and then couldn’t post it for some reason. Since then, Annie was up all night- from about 1am to when Todd relieved me sometime around 5:30am, I think. So, I am home with her today. She is ok- in a good mood, just not herself and still coughing and snotting. Hopefully she will feel better by tomorrow!!

Annie has a cold. I hate when either of them are sick, but it is so much harder when they are little and just do not understand what is happening. She actually has handled it very well so far- I think she was grumpier this weekend than she is now that she is coughing and sneezing. In fact, the last two nights she has been in a great mood- laughing and playing and eating well. Last night she ate a ton of butternut squash- her favorite so far. And she was ok tonight, too. Don’t think she has been feeling as well at school, which of course is to be expected as well. At home she gets her mommy and daddy all to herself and to hold and cuddle her and not so much at school.

But, just like before, she is not sleeping well at all. The last two nights she has been up with a stuffy nose- and it is so sad to hear her snorting and snuffing and just not able to breathe. And it does not make nursing her easy at all. She pulls off constantly just so that she can breathe. Poor little thing.

Riley enjoyed her birthday immensely! I went to her school at snack time and we sang happy birthday to her and had cupcakes. She didn’t know I was coming- I got there just as they were waking up and I sat with her for a few minutes and we talked about her day. It was really nice and I am glad I did it.

Other than that, we didn’t really do anything. We gave her one small present- a new bubble wand- but since this weekend is her parties, we figured we would save the big celebrations for then.

I am NOT ready!!!!!

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