Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More (still) sickies

So, Annie is still sick. She has been up several times- sometimes for hours- each night this week, and I am seriously sleep deprived once again. Or maybe I should say still. Anyway, more so than usual. She actually had a few good nights before the sickies hit. I really should not complain- this is only the 2nd time she has been sick since she was born- not bad in 6 months.

Last night was particularly bad and I finally agreed with Todd that we should bring her in to be checked out. I was waiting, thinking that this cold had to start getting better- she had no fever, really just a bad cough and lots of congestion- and during the day she was fine.

So, today I brought her to the pediatrician and she has an ear infection- and just a really bad cold. He actually said the cough could last up to 4 weeks! WHAT! At least now we know, and she has her 6 month well-baby visit next week, so we can recheck the ear.

The weighed her while she was there and she weighs 16lbs1oz- up one pound since last visit. However, I am a tad concerned because, according to the Internets, that only puts her in the 25-50th percentile range- which means she is dropping, and that is not good. In looking back through Riley's stats, she was about the same weight- 16lbs9oz at 6 months- and she started off MUCH MUCH, one more thing for me to worry about....doc and I will be chatting about this next week :)

So, I know I owe you pics and an update from the party weekend, but right now I just do not have the energy...oh, ya, forgot to mention that we are SUPER crazy busy at work, Todd is on the 10-7 shift all week, and I am supposed to be planning and executing an art show for the girls' school tomorrow....must go eat and then pass out in bed!

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