Monday, February 2, 2009

Dear Riley

Dear Riley,

Five years ago today my life changed in a dramatic way. You entered this world, three weeks early, taking everyone by surprise, except for me! For some reason, I knew you would come early- I said it throughout my pregnancy and no one believed me- but I knew. You arrived with your eyes wide open and silent and thinking- and then you cried- and this has held true to your life these last five years. You still do everything systematically- you need to think everything through before you do it. And I love that about you- sometimes!

You are so smart it amazes me. You are reading and you are so proud if it. Your father and I can no longer spell out words we don’t want you to know! You love books- sometimes you spend hours in your room taking out all of your books and reading them. And then you leave them all over your floor for me to trip over! You beg me to go to the library- and you know where all of the good books are at Barnes and Noble. I wished this for you- for you to love books like I do- but I never knew you would love them this much.

You also love all things princess and Barbie. Some days I think pink and purple and glitter and sparkles and Barbie will take over our house. You are currently obsessed with TinkerBelle and have watched the movie you received just this Christmas no less than 20 times, sometimes you watch it again right after you finished it. But that is ok, because soon you will be on to another obsession.

You became a big sister this year and you are just wonderful at it. You have been the best big sister to Annie and she worships you. When we pick her up together at school, she doesn’t even look at me and only has smiles for you. You make her laugh from her belly and it makes me cry to watch the two of you together. I hope she will be your best friend.

You drive me crazy sometimes with your questions and when you argue with me about everything you drive me nuts. But, I know you are testing me and you are learning and when I think about it later, I understand. I love when you are wild and loud and even sometimes when you have a temper and you cry for no reason….it means you are normal and 5 years old!!

Thank you for picking me to be your mother. I could not ask for a better daughter even when you drive me mad…sometimes I love you even more then…..

Love, Mama