Saturday, December 13, 2008

No longer missing....

Yikes- haven't posted in a really, really long time...although I did add that little countdown to Christmas in my side bar. Like it? I don't because it freaks me out that there are only 11 days left until Christmas....I have so, so much to do...hence the fact that I haven't had the time to blog!

Having such a late Thanksgiving has really thrown me off...add to that the fact that we had it at our house, plus Annie's Christening and all of the wonderful people who came to visit....yikes- I am sooo behind with everything.

Riley and I did almost finish the Christmas cards today, and most of the cookies I had to make are finished- one more batch to go tonight and they should be ready to go to their various places on Monday. Shopping has been crazy- we bought some stuff here, bought some online and the other stuff we will purchase when we get to RI....

Other that than, I am just sitting here waiting for Annie to wake from her nap...yes, you read that right. She has actually been sleeping now for two hours!!! Not sure if it is the book I read, or the fact that she is a little older or what...but she has really been sleeping better these days. I intentionally said better, but not good :) She is still waking 2-3 times at night to nurse, but depending on when I go to sleep and when I wake up, sometimes it isn't too bad. For example, last night I went to bed early- 9ish. She woke around 10:30 to eat, then at 2:30 and again at 6. So, if I hadn't gone to bed so early, and it was a weekday and I would have just stayed up after her 6 am nursing...well, then she would have only been up once!!! Still too much, but definitely a step in the right direction. I can almost function now!!!

So, that is about it...have a ton of pictures, as usual, to get up. Hopefully I can get some up before we leave since I will have a ton to post when we get back :)

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