Sunday, November 23, 2008


So, things are busy here...and this blog shows it. I am sitting in Annie's room, on the laptop while she is rolling and playing and talking...she is very vocal lately- I need to get that on video. Tried to take a video yesterday of her blowing raspberries, but she stopped. It was still cute.

Sleep is going a bit better- don't really feel like getting into that now...I bought a book- trying some suggestions- she woke only 3 times last night which was a great improvement. she slept until 8am on Saturday- very nice.

Riley has a pretty bad cold- coughing and such. Think she got it from Annie, who had one last week- she is much better now.

Getting ready for all of our visitors- I am tres excited, but there is so much to do!!! Cleaned the downstairs today while Annie was at Grams and Gramps house....also went shopping and spent too much money on food....

Gotta to Walmart to buy more stuff and everything I forgot to buy earlier!!

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