Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our trip- the first leg

We had a wonderful trip to RI. I have a ton of pictures and lots to say...hopefully I can get to everything this week.

So, we all loaded into the car and drove to the airport to start the first leg of our journey. As Riley told everyone when we arrived, we went to three airports and went on two airplanes...and both girls were great.

The first plane was small- I sat with Annie and Riley since Grams and Gramps were in the exit row...Annie slept the whole time!

On the second plane, we sat with Grams, which was nice because she held Annie- again, she slept the whole time- and I played with Riley. Here are a few pics:

We arrived in Providence to a very pregnant and emotional Auntie Karen (we later found out that her "baby" Lucy had been missing and was just found, hence the emotional part)...and the first time Annie had met her Aunt. We then headed back to Karen's house...with a little pit stop for a potty break for Riley...

More is calling :)

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