Monday, October 20, 2008


Sophie Eve was born on Saturday, October 18th. 7lbs. 6 oz, 19 inches long.
I want to see and hold that baby SOOOOO bad....but I have to wait until Thanksgiving!!!

Also, before I forget, if you haven't already seen them, check out my friend Karen's blog for some great photos she took of Annie one day she was "babysitting" for me at work...

We had a nice weekend. Saturday morning I had to work :( so Grams and Gramps watched the girls so Todd could run some errands around town. He even had the oil changed on my car, and a tire patched- had a nail in it. Saturday afternoon Karen and I went to a reception for our friend Cara who was married last weekend. Annie came with us and was an angel, of course!! Riley and Todd hung out together and had a fun time.

On Sunday afternoon we went to Boo in the was great! It was very crowded, but we walked the whole park and Riley collected a ton of candy and goodies and had a great time. Her Dorothy costume is not yet complete, so we dressed her in a fancy dress from her dress up stuff, and she was a beauty queen....sort of!!

Then we headed to Red Robin for some yummy burgers and then off to bed. Annie even slept ok last night, so I am feeling almost human today!

Pics won't upload...will try again later.....

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