Sunday, September 7, 2008

On sleep

Annie visited work with me on Friday- I had class, and she spent some time sleeping in Shay's office! She actually slept the whole time I was there- and the ride there and home- so it worked out perfectly, and she woke up just in time for me to feed her when we got home!

I walked around a bit with her while she was sleeping, and everyone admired her and said how beautiful she is, of course, but I thought it was funny that the first question most people asked is "does she sleep a night", or "is she a good sleeper", and I really didn't know how to answer it. Because, yes, she is a great sleeper, or so I think...but after a few sleepless nights- on my part- sometimes I need to answer that question differently.

She naps in her bassinet, which is wonderful. Right now, she is actually working out her own schedule. She wakes in the morning, I feed her. Sometimes she goes right back to sleep, sometimes she is up for an hour or so, and then goes back down. She sleeps a few hours, wakes again, feed her again. By this time it is about lunchtime, so we (I) eat something, and then usually I feed her again and she sleeps a good bit of the afternoon away.

Nighttime is where we are struggling right now...she is up every two hours or so....and sometimes she will nurse and fall right back to sleep, really without eating, two hours later, she is up again....all night long.

So, yes, she does sleep...and she is a great sleeper (although VERY LOUD), but at night, Mommy is getting very little sleep, and while I am still functioning right now....I am really hoping she can start going longer stretches soon, or I am going to become pretty useless!!

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