Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catching up

Every night, when I am up at all hours, I formulate all of these blog entries in my head, but every morning- they are gone!!

Here are just a few tidbits, while I am thinking about it!
*Annie is doing very well- I can tell she is growing well, and is generally a very happy baby. Really, the only time she gets upset is when she is hungry and I don't feed her fast enough! We are still breastfeeding, and that continues to go well. I am having to supplement about one bottle of formula a day, but hoping soon to not have to do that. I am struggling to find a time to pump, but need to somehow work that into our schedule, which is gradually forming.

Her belly button stump fell off a few days ago, and she has had two baths. She wasn't too happy with the first one- she was hungry, so it didn't go too well..but I gave her another one tonight, and she seemed to really like it this time. And now she smells delicious!

She is sleeping ok- does a few really good stretches during the day- 4ish hours sometimes, but at night continues to wake every two hours or so....need to change that but not sure how yet. I know nursing babies wake more, so I am not desperate yet- plus I have been able to sleep when she does during the day for the most part, so I am ok. Not loosing my mind yet!

*Riley is great as well. She started her gymnastics class last week, and had another yesterday. She says she really likes it, but she is too adventurous when she is there. She waits for the teacher to show her everything, and all of the other little girls are jumping and tumbling all over the place. I have to remind myself that as long as she is happy, that is all that matters. Still no signs of jealousy- she gives Annie a kiss every morning and night, and loves to talk and sing to her. She helped with her bath the other night- she is just a great big sister.

Ok- I have some pictures- will post in another entry.....

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