Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I passed!

Had an OB appt today, and I had the 1 hr. Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)..and I passed! I was so nervous, because I failed the one hour with Riley and had to take the 4 hour at the hospital- so I was determined to pass this one. Had some scrambled eggs for breakfast- and that was it- and it worked!

Anyway, everything is measuring on target. Gained 19 lbs in 27 weeks- I think that is pretty good, and probably right in line to gain 25-30 lbs overall. Measuring well. I asked him about the Braxton Hicks contractions that I have been having- they have been getting more frequent over the last few weeks- but he said as long as I don't have more than 6 in 1 hr, then I am ok. And to try and rest a little more- ya, right...I have something almost every day for the next two weeks, so resting is pretty much out of the question right now :)

Well, that is about it...Riley and I are on our own again tonight- Todd had two concerts in a row, and then tomorrow is her Trike-A-Thon at her school..which, oh yeah, I am pretty much planning and executing myself..and then we leave on Friday for Atlanta and the Aquarium and Kaitlyn's Christening...and next week is Lyceum!! Busy, busy :)

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