Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby updates

So, I think I am officially now in my 3rd trimester...can never remember if it is 27 or 28 weeks. Anyway, things are moving quickly. Kind of weird to think that this baby could be here in less than 10 weeks...but at the same time- ugh- 10 weeks is a long time away!

I am definately getting bigger- and much more uncomfortable. Sleeping is ok, but towards the end of the night, my hips and legs are achy. Mostly just really, really tired, and I know part of that is because so much is going on right now- it is Lyceum week, which means long days and a few nights- and work all day Saturday- and I know by Sunday I am going to be hurting.

Annie is moving constantly now- Todd and I were watching my belly jump again last night. Riley felt a few good kicks yesterday, too. This morning she was talking about washing her baby (she and Todd gave the dog a bath yesterday- think she might have started talking about that, and then moved on to "her baby"). I asked her what "her baby's" name was, and she said Annie...and I told her that was MY baby...she is too cute- she really thinks Annie is "her" baby...sadly, I think she has no idea what she is in for!

Still haven't done anything about the nursery- it is a huge mess...but after all of this work stuff is over, Todd will put the crib together, and I guess I will need to clean the room and start decorating! Also need to make a list of everything I need before she gets here. The girls at work are trying to plan a little shower for us- so sweet. Riley will love it! I wasn't really expecting anything, but it will be very nice, I am sure :)

Guess that is it!

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