Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Annie talks!

Annie's language has really exploded over the last few weeks. I noticed she was saying more and more words, but now she is putting several words together at a time, which is just great! I love that she can communicate with us so much better now- I know what she wants, or does not want as the case may be, most of the time. She definitely knows the word "want" and uses it often. Whoever taught her the word no is in big trouble :)

I remember distinctly that Riley starting putting two words together at about 2 years, which is about average, so Annie is a bit ahead, so that is good. I think she will be talking in full sentences by her 2nd birthday, and truthfully, there have been a few times that she has done that already.

She has cute little things she says, too, that I know are mispronunciations, really, but I love them! For example, she calls Riley "Ri-Ri's" and I have tried to get it on video because I know she won't do it forever, but so far she won't do it. She calls Grams and Gramps "Thats" and "Thats" funny! But they are happy because Riley didn't call them anything until she could say it. For outside she says something that sounds like "out-dis"...and she screams it at the top of her lungs when she wants to go out and play!

She is a very LOUD child- she is constantly shrieking and yelling- she has no concept of an "inside" voice!
She is wild and crazy....that is my girl!

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Heather said...

Ahh... I have one of those. I look at him and say not so loud we are inside and his answer is what?? Why??