Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tooth Fairy

Right before I was leaving for Vegas Riley realized one of her bottom teeth was loose. And then we discovered that the one right next to it was loose, too. I was so upset, thinking that she was going to lose it while I was away....but, we got back and the tooth was still there. It gradually got looser and looser and finally about a week ago she was wiggling it all around, reached in and pulled it right out!

So, we put it under her pillow and the Tooth Fairy brought her two dollars.

The other tooth was loose, but didn't seem like it would fall out too soon, but today when she came home from school, there was the tooth, in a little pink box and she was sporting a sticker that says loose tooth club! She said it just fell out in school and she found it in her mouth! Tonight, the Tooth Fairy will pay another visit to her room....wonder what she will bring this time?

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