Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Big sister

I am working my way through our vacation photos and videos and should have some up later (maybe tonight), but I wanted to write about what happened last night first before I forget.

We went to Chik-fil-a for dinner last night because it was Spirit Night for Riley's school (they donate a portion of the money made to the school), so we got home late for us, about 6:30pm, and the girls were both tired and a bit cranky. I was downstairs cleaning up a bit and organizing for the next day and Todd brought the girls upstairs to get them ready for bed.

I could hear some screaming (Annie), and then I heard Todd tell her several times not to scratch/pinch (she does this A LOT!)...and then I heard him give her a "time-out" (we are starting with them, short ones, because of the hitting...and scratching...and pinching....and biting!!). Anyway, I could hear Annie getting a little upset, mostly whining because of the time out. And then all H#LL broke out. Riley LOST it...big time. She started yelling at Todd that he was mean, that he couldn't do that to her, that she was just a baby.

I came running upstairs and she was hysterical....crying and yelling at Todd and he didn't know what to do. Annie was just staring at her- and then she started crying because Riley was crying.....I took Riley into her room and tried to calm her down- she was MAD!!! I tried to explain to her that Annie is going to get A LOT of timeouts....and that she was old enough and that she (Riley) can't get upset every time it happens....

Eventually she calmed down and was ok. We put them both to bed early and then I think Todd and I passed out because I don't remember much else from the exhaustion!!!!!! What a night!

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