Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Old friends!

One last installment of the June trip to RI:

Facebook is such a wonderful thing! I have reconnected with so many friends, some I thought I would never, never hear from again- friends from elementary and middle school, high school, college, friends who I used to work with, even friends of Todd since he is a butt and refuses to get on FB! Anyway, one of those friends learned that the girls and I were coming to RI and wanted to get together while we were there, and we did and it was so much fun!

Jackie was one of the first people I met when we moved to Little Compton when I was 9 years old. She lived in our neighborhood for a few years until she moved, but still in town, and we went to the same school until high school, when she went off to Bishop Connelly and I went to Stang. We stayed in touch some through high school, and then nothing until she found me on FB about a year ago!!

My sister Karen actually saw her mom one day at the hospital in Fall River, a few months before Riley was born because Jackie was having her own little girl....so she has a 6 year old just like me!

We met at the old playground in LC and the girls had fun playing and Karen, Sophie and Grams came too, and we got some cute pictures. It turns out the Jackie and I actually cloned ourselves- her daughter looks exactly like Jackie did as a young girl, much like Riley looks just like me!!

Riley and Ashley

Sophie and Annie on the double slide

Our clones!

The LC girls- it has been almost 20 years!!!!

Me and Jackie!

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