Sunday, May 16, 2010

Run Lisa Run

If you come to this blog often enough, you probably see all of my Twitter updates- I try to tweet a few times a day, mostly work stuff, but occassionally I throw some more personal things, just to keep it interesting! Anyway, you might have seen some tweets about my new little obsession- running! For the first time, I am obsessed with something good for me :)

Anyway, sometime last year when we were doing The Biggest Loser at work, I decided to try to do a Couch to 5K Program, and it went ok, but then I lost some momentum and just stopped. I was disappointed in myself, but then winter came and I just didn't really feel like doing anything!

Not really sure when or why I decided to try again, but this time, instead of doing a program, I just decided to kind of do it on my own, and I guess that worked better for me, because something clicked and I reallyn started to enjoy it- well, mostly!

After a few weeks, I was browsing the internet and found a 5K on Mother's Day weekend and impulsively signed up for it (which means I paid the money to do it!!)...maybe the money was my motivation, or the fact that I told everyone I was doing it, but whatver it was, it pushed me to train for it...and I actually did it!!!!

The experience itself was fun...still find it a little hard to believe I actually said that!!! For those of you who know me IRL, you know that I am not a very athletic person- I don't really enjoy sports that much at all. But the race atmosphere was fun- getting my chip for my shoes and my bib with the number and the start and the finish- so much fun!

So, overall I did ok. Not great, but a little better than I thought I would. Really, my only goal was to do the best I could, not die and not finish last. So, I accomplished my goal! The course was much hillier than I was used to, so I walked much of the hills, but aside from that, I ran and ran and ran!!!

Todd and the girls came with me and I was pooped and proud afterwards....and very sore the next day, but now I am anxious for the next one, which probably won't be until the fall....until then- I run some more and try to do better and better.....


Karen said...

Hooray -- you did it! :)

Anonymous said...

I am soooo proud of you!! It is great to actually enjoy some kind of exercise...any kind!